Personal Funding Brampton

  • Securing personal loan from banks has become elusive to many people. Banks have stringent measures that involve scrutinizing an applicant’s credit history. The process between applications to draw down of funds is complicated, tedious and requires lots of paperwork. At Money Line Capital, we believe that when a client applies for a personal loan, he desires to get the loan fastest possible so as to take care of his/her immediate need be it paying for medical expenses, school fees or even going for a holiday.

    We are granting various personal loans to residents in Brampton. Our lending involves a straightforward and elaborate process that is fast and hassle free. Applicants are required to complete our online credit form after which they receive a no obligation quote within 24 hours. Expert advice and guidance is also readily available from our highly experienced and friendly personal funding team.

    Proven Personal Funding History

    Money Line Capital has a proven history of providing top-notch financial solutions for residents and businesses in most parts of Toronto. We are extending our stellar personal funding solutions to Brampton. Our products are individually tailored and take into consideration the unique financial challenges of Brampton residents.

    Top notch customer service

    Customer satisfaction is a central component of our business model. Our success is pegged on our client’s satisfaction. We do everything possible from our end to ensure that our customers receive unrivaled first-class financial services. Around the clock customer support is provided by our highly qualified and experienced staff with the quickest response time in the industry.

    The best interest rates on personal funding

    Are you discouraged from taking out a personal loan for reasons of high-interest rates? Talk to us; we have the most competitive rates in the industry. The personal loan we grant you is based on your financial position which ensures that you don’t struggle to repay. We do not peg our loans on your credit history alone rather we look at many other aspects of your finance and come up with the best package that reflects your unique needs.

    Personal loan funding will never be the same again in Brampton. We have brought about a complete paradigm shift in personal finance lending. No matter your situation, talk to us. We are your listening, caring personal funding partner. Transparency is a virtue we uphold. All information and available options are given to you beforehand to assist you in making an informed decision. Get your personal loan finance quick and hassle free with Money Line Capital.

We also specialize in the following commercial financing solutions

Lease to Own Agreements

Residual Lease Agreements

Conditional Sales Contracts

Sale and Lease Back

Commercial Mortgages

Truck Loan

  • To receive a free, no commitment quote reflecting your unique business needs please click here to download our PDF credit application. You are under no obligation to proceed with any sort of engagement with us at any time. Let us prove to you we are your best business partner with the lowest rates in the industry.

    If you have any questions about the services we offer, you can call us at 1(800) 737-5784 or email us directly at

Our Team at Money Line Capital is focused on two things

  • Working with you to create a personalized funding plan that will help your business grow.
  • Obtaining a rapid approval for our products with no hassle to you.

Why Choose Money Line Capital

  • Quick Approval Process

    Our clients benefit from our 95% approval ratio. We at Money Line Capital acknowledge that success is not always a straight line. Rest assured, our team will devote the proper time and care to ensure you receive the best of our services. MLC will utilize our expertise to guide you through commercial financing at the rapid pace of today’s business. We want you to succeed and we value your time.

  • Best Interest Rates

    Finding the best rates for you to enjoy as our client is one of our priorities. We will utilize our network of lenders and financial institutions to find the best fit for your needs.

  • Flexible Terms

    We at Money Line Capital understand the demands of doing business in today’s fast changing market. We will work hard to ensure that both the timeline and conditions of any agreement you enter into suits YOU! As a trusted commercial lender, we want to set your business up for success and will devote the proper time to planning your company’s future accordingly.

  • Fixed Payments

    When you enter into a lease agreement, we guarantee your payments will never fluctuate. You have the security of knowing exactly what is required from you and can plan for your company’s short and long term future with peace of mind.

  • Start-Ups Welcome

    A company that is establishing itself within an industry needs knowledgeable assistance from experts to produce positive results. We are specialists in dealing with every phase of a business start up. Where other financial entities will stray away from the uncertainty of a startup, we as subject matter experts will give you the opportunity to shine as a new competitor in your industry.

  • Heavy Equipment Financing

    When your business activity requires heavy equipment you are faced with four options: purchase, rental, lease or loan. With years of experience, MLC will help you choose the best financing method for these types of transactions. We will take into account your current situation along with your company’s aspirations and help you select the right product and funding plan to ensure you are receiving the best merchandise at the best price, within a sustainable budget.

  • Proudly Canadian

    Money Line Capital is proud to be Canadian owned and operated. In our several years in business, MLC has formed close working relationships with numerous, local financial entities. We are known for our exceptional, personalized services and offer the best rates available. We understand the dynamic business landscape of southwestern Ontario and will utilize our connections to ensure you receive the best service from coast to coast.