Equipment Financing Guelph

  • Money Line Capital boasts of 95% credit approval rate one of highest in the industry. We receive credit applications for equipment funding on a daily basis from businesses in Guelph as well as other firms based in the Ontario province. Our team of credit experts has in place a unique system that ensures more companies qualify for equipment financing.

    What factors do lenders consider when deciding whether or not you are eligible for a loan?

    The duration you’ve been in business

    Lenders would want to know how long you’ve been in businesses. The longer the period, the more lenders we’ll feel comfortable to lend you money.

    Your credit score

    Financial institutions want to know your credit history. Your credit score reveals whether you repay your loans or you have a habit of defaulting. Every lender has his criteria for deciding how to lend depending on the borrower’s credit score. You can be able to secure a loan for your equipment even with a bad credit score.

    Monthly Earnings

    Your monthly earning can tell whether you have ample cash flow to be able to fulfill your monthly payments should you be granted the loan facility. A good cash flow will enable you to qualify for credit from many lenders.

    Your plans for using the money

    No lender will grant any application for credit if at all they are not convinced with valid reasons for borrowing. A good business plan and proposal that supports among others:

    • The role the equipment will play in your business operations.
    • How the equipment will help increase efficiency and productivity in your business.
    • That maintenance and other expenses of operating the equipment will not decrease your company profits or generate losses.

    Other factors considered

    The lenders will examine issues such as your tax returns, whether you’ve ever filed for bankruptcy and also whether you have any collateral that can be used to secure the financing.

    Money Line Capital is the most reliable and better-placed credit company to handle all your equipment financing. We have equipment loans for people with bad credit and also approve equipment funding to bankrupt individuals. Our rates are unbeatable while our loan approvals are fast and hassle free. All brands qualify for leasing. Talk to our equipment financing professionals today for customized equipment funding. Download and complete our credit application form and receive a no obligation quote in less than 24 hours.

We also specialize in the following commercial financing solutions

Lease to Own Agreements

Residual Lease Agreements

Conditional Sales Contracts

Sale and Lease Back

Commercial Mortgages

Truck Loan

  • To receive a free, no commitment quote reflecting your unique business needs please click here to download our PDF credit application. You are under no obligation to proceed with any sort of engagement with us at any time. Let us prove to you we are your best business partner with the lowest rates in the industry.

    If you have any questions about the services we offer, you can call us at 1(800) 737-5784 or email us directly at

Our Team at Money Line Capital is focused on two things

  • Working with you to create a personalized funding plan that will help your business grow.
  • Obtaining a rapid approval for our products with no hassle to you.

Why Choose Money Line Capital

  • Quick Approval Process

    Our clients benefit from our 95% approval ratio. We at Money Line Capital acknowledge that success is not always a straight line. Rest assured, our team will devote the proper time and care to ensure you receive the best of our services. MLC will utilize our expertise to guide you through commercial financing at the rapid pace of today’s business. We want you to succeed and we value your time.

  • Best Interest Rates

    Finding the best rates for you to enjoy as our client is one of our priorities. We will utilize our network of lenders and financial institutions to find the best fit for your needs.

  • Flexible Terms

    We at Money Line Capital understand the demands of doing business in today’s fast changing market. We will work hard to ensure that both the timeline and conditions of any agreement you enter into suits YOU! As a trusted commercial lender, we want to set your business up for success and will devote the proper time to planning your company’s future accordingly.

  • Fixed Payments

    When you enter into a lease agreement, we guarantee your payments will never fluctuate. You have the security of knowing exactly what is required from you and can plan for your company’s short and long term future with peace of mind.

  • Start-Ups Welcome

    A company that is establishing itself within an industry needs knowledgeable assistance from experts to produce positive results. We are specialists in dealing with every phase of a business start up. Where other financial entities will stray away from the uncertainty of a startup, we as subject matter experts will give you the opportunity to shine as a new competitor in your industry.

  • Heavy Equipment Financing

    When your business activity requires heavy equipment you are faced with four options: purchase, rental, lease or loan. With years of experience, MLC will help you choose the best financing method for these types of transactions. We will take into account your current situation along with your company’s aspirations and help you select the right product and funding plan to ensure you are receiving the best merchandise at the best price, within a sustainable budget.

  • Proudly Canadian

    Money Line Capital is proud to be Canadian owned and operated. In our several years in business, MLC has formed close working relationships with numerous, local financial entities. We are known for our exceptional, personalized services and offer the best rates available. We understand the dynamic business landscape of southwestern Ontario and will utilize our connections to ensure you receive the best service from coast to coast.