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Personal Information

Certification and consent to collect, use, and disclose information

The undersigned certifies the above information to be true and correct. By signing and submitting this application, I hereby consent to and authorize 8879788 Canada Inc. O/A Money Line Capital, and its representatives at any time on an on-going basis, to verify, conduct, collect, use, and disclose to third parties where necessary (including credit reporting agencies, credit exchanges, leasing brokers, and credit grantors, on an on-going basis), financial and credit investigations for the purposes of reviewing, considering, approving, administrating, maintaining and/or enforcing the leasing/financing sought herein, including obtaining any information required from any source whatsoever, and each source is hereby authorized to provide such information to 8879788 Canada Inc. O/A Money Line Capital. I/we understand, acknowledge, accept and consent to my/our personal information, along with the relevant financial and credit investigations to which I have consented to 8879788 Canada Inc. O/A Money Line Capital gathering, being shared between other parties which 8879788 Canada Inc. O/A Money Line Capital deems relevant to the credit analysis and lease administration process. You authorize us to collect, hold, exchange and disclose your personal and financial information provide. If you would like to review your own personal information, correct or revise you may contact 8879788 Canada Inc. O/A Money Line Capital. Furthermore, by signing, I consent to receiving communications from 8879788 Canada Inc. O/A Money Line Capital by e-mail or other forms of electronic communications and understand that I can withdraw my consent to receipt of electronic messages at any time.